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Why do we need to move to a new system  ?

After the last update of GTA, no matter how safe your method is, if the daily amount of money you earn is above a certain level, you will be banned directly from anti-cheat. Thats why we moved to a new site and added a credit system. Our mods will always help you about the process.



~ 1. Step ~

After the purcashe, it will be enough to contract us via our whatsapp number, telegram or instagram account.


~ 2. Step ~

After you contract us, we will enter to your GTA account and add the first 50M transfer and level, unlocks in the package that you purchased. The levels and unlocks you purchased in the package will be transferred directly to your account on the same day, however your money can be added as 50M every 24 hours due to the new security system. You can withdraw your money every day or when you finish it.


~ 3. Step ~

Every time you want to withdraw your money, it will be enough to contact us via instagram, whatsapp or telegram and send us your Gta account. We will track how much money you got left from our system. If you want to check your remaining credits, it will be enaugh to register to our site and send us your site nickname. You can check your credit from my accound section in our site or from the wallet sign in the upper right corner.


Note : If you do not understand or have a question about the process, we are always here to help you. 🙂

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