How To Use Kaptan Kaplan Activator

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~ 1. Step ~

Download Kaptan Kaplan Activator and extract the KaptanKaplanActivator.exe to a new folder on your desktop. Run the application and wait for it to load.

~ 2. Step ~

Go to activation section and write your code in to the empty box. Press activate and your game will be activated.

~ 3. Step ~

 After you activate your game code, your game will appear on the library section. Click to "Authorize" button and wait while application logging in to the account. You can start downloading or updating the game after you logged in to the account.

(Before clicking to "Authorize" button, check if you have updated Steam or Ubisoft to the latest version.)

~ 4. Step ~

 When you finish your downloading, go back to activator and click to "Offline" or "Play" buttons. Now you can start playing the game. Have fun! :)

⛔️~ Note ~⛔️

⚠️ You can only play the game in offline mode. ⚠️
⚠️ You can only use authorization on first login and while downloading or updating the game. ⚠️
⚠️ If you play the game on online mode, your code can be terminated without refund. ⚠️

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